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What we offer

All our instruction is one-one.

The cost is $185.00 with family, per week. 3 good and fresh meals per day, one on one classes 25 hours per week.

125 USD for 25 hours per week without host family.

Study one hour daily more or less: add or subtract about USD 15 per week

We have separate rooms for each student and teacher at the school.

We use variety of methods, including conversation, games, exercises, and activities as well as formal instruction.

We can arrange airport pickup, including a night in a hotel in Guatemala city, breakfast and transport to the bus for Quetzaltenango. Web page: Hotel Dos Lunas  e-mail:  Hotel Dos Lunas

In Quetzaltenango, we pick up you.

Our family accommodation covers 3 meals a day, six days per week including Saturday, a hot shower and clean drinking water.

All students have a private bedroom, but the bathroom is shared.

We generally try to place one student with each family, we have many families and if you have especial requirements we can discuss this, example: a family with or without children, or men, we can arrange for you to stay in a family providing vegetarian meals, and discuss your

Usually the breakfast  cereal and fruit, would always be available, if you can prepared is not problem.


Live with a Family: This is our recommended form of lodging. Here you will have your own room, three prepared meals daily, and a hot shower. All houses are carefully inspected to make sure that you have a clean, comfortable place to stay during your time at La Democracia. All houses are stocked with pure drinking water.

Living with a family is an important part of understanding the culture as well as allows you many opportunities to practice Spanish outside the classroom. It is very common that students build strong bonds with the family and continue their relationships after the student leaves Guatemala.


  • Private Room

  • repared meals 6 days a week (special diets for vegetarians are available upon request)

    Walking Distance from School

  • Pure Drinking Water

  • Cultural Immersion

Live in a Hostel or Hotel: Upon request, we will be happy to arrange a safe, clean, cost effective hotel for you to stay while you study Spanish at our school. You will be responsible for your meals.


Our prices begin at $185.00 U.S. per week. We have various packages available to our students to meet their specific needs. To enroll each student must submit an application and a one time $30.00 non-refundable registration fee. The registration fee covers many of our administrative costs.

The $185.00 price is the cash price. If you would like to pay your tuition by credit card you can do so but there is an extra 8% fee. The tuition price paid by credit card is $199.80.

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1. Basic ($185.00 U.S.): Included in the $185.00 is the following:

  • Five Hours of One-on-One Classes (Monday thru Friday)

  • Materials needed for Classes

  • Six Days Lodging including Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner each day

  • The Cost for Activities during the Week (excludes transportation and food)

2. Lodging in a Hotel: If you choose to arrange lodging in a hostel or hotel, we will be happy to arrange a safe and comfortable hotel. Prices vary depending upon the quality of hotel.

3. National Holidays in Guatemala

We do not have classes on these dates, but there are special activities in the city.

1. 1st of January.
2. Thursday and Friday of Easter week
3. 15th of September, Independence of Guatemala, y Central America.
Activities on the city include parades, fireworks, music and folklore
4. 1st of November, (Day of the Dead). Special activities at the local cemetery.
5. 25th of December


Our prices do not change in the summer.